#JoeBiden tweet sentiment


encouraging: as kierkegaard said faith sees best in the dark i ve always believed that this pandemic is keeping many communities apart but we ve still got to keep the faith jill and i are wishing a happy easter to all of the orthodox christians celebrating around the world

not so encouraging:
n january while donald was downplaying covid 19 i wrote an op ed calling for immediate action to combat the growing threat it i also said was the worst possible leader to deal with a public health crisis stand by that statement


#trump tweet sentiment


encouraging:highly respected justice daniel kelly is running for the supreme cou in the great state of wisconsin justice kelly has been doing a terrific job upholding the rule of law and defending your 2a tough on crime loves our military and our vets he has my complete endorsement

not so encouraging:
crazy nancy pelosi you are a weak person you are a poor leader you are the reason america hates career politicians like yourself seanhannity she is totally incompetent controlled by the radical left a weak and pathetic puppet come back to washington and do your job