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high: good company with great product i see you as a great potential they have a good idea and great team to make this project will be success in the future i wish you luck i will recommend you to my friends and friends ethbnt ethbn d ieo crypto bitcoin etherum

traderyau drericding that didn t age well any low illness this contagious can outrun season flu if given time even then while 1 3 will die to covid this year 20 will starve in 2021 and 2022 as well as crime and poverty it s time to have an economy that runs itself


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high: oakely_dokely justinwolfers jessesingal jst to be clear s credit default swap they re basically insurance investors can buy along w securities packages financial products banks sell like a see last image for more o collateralized debt obligation see images for description explaination

jayhancock1 peterwhoriskey jstein_wapo it is essentially a collateralized debt obligation where the treasury taxpayers are the the equity and hold debt of who knows wtf and only get monthly updates on the facilities it is a travesty to capitalism free markets and the corporate bond market


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high: northern lights fund trust iv files with the sec inspire global hope etf inspire small mid cap impact etf inspire corporate bond impact etf inspire 100 etf and inspire international esg etf

if corporate bond purchase goes thru i ve 0 doubt this will be the biggest scam of indian history scam cwg scam rafael scam bank npa scams will all be nothing when compared to this corporate bond scam direct from the printing press rbi itself


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high: congratulations to the kite team for winning the 2019 commercial award congratulations to all the coldwell banker paradise 2019 award winners thekiteteam cbcworldwide awards commercialrealestate

20 plus million unemployed and twice that coming travel industry dead disney and entertainment dead hotels movies malls restaurants dead banks dead mortgage crisis ahead landlords not being paid commercial real estate dead stock market by october dead


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high: a little inspiration for your saturday every the true heroism is selfdiscipline patience and strong determination sriamitray peace bliss beauty and truth living with positivity

follow ubartutu18 justice smear campaign false accusation character assassination defamation slander libel actor criminal syndicate thugs manipulator bully spin doctor covert coward felony scumbags abuse of power thieves fraud phony jail time


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high: want to improve success think win win win win for the manufacturer vendor win for your customer and win for your customers customers gital transformed business models go beyond win win linkedin bigdata datascience

is difficult but coronavirusuk has proven if you do not strike now when disaster strikes your business will not be equipped to deal with crisis read more in from our founder ben stewa cybldn in bdaily


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high: villagecapital thanks villagecapital more can be done but already some great examples in scotland sustainably can help donate to charities that suppo refugees castlight has done some great work with bigissue you re right can help break down barriers great repo

80 banks cost destructive curiosity charges as disaster deepens in germany zoom 80 banks cost destructive curiosity charges as disaster deepens in germany zoom


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high: huge congrats to my client on his accepted offer on this super cute home in madison sellers are motivated and interest rates are great call or text me now 256 203 3704 and let me safely show you some great homes today jason johnson of capstone realty

cashnetusa ok but in the middle of a crisis you cant forgo interest until the crisis is over and how do you sleep at night charging interest rates that high knowing only disadvantaged people would ever need money at such a horrible interest rate you front load the interest its criminal


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high: we know you re extremely busy but if you can spare a minute and think we d be a worth winner we d be very grateful for your vote at the f_reporter awards in the best club category thank you everyone fra20 club intermediaries

how do you avoid private scams re is some information that would help you avoid scams arn more private scam private scam scamale avoidscam private risk private canada


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high: the fed put is not only alive but its quite strong as you can see never thought the fed would be buying mortgage backed securities munibonds ig corporates and now highyield credit truly amazing

realdonaldtrump every night loudobbs seanhannity demand china be punished sued for fraud lying re covid19 renege on us debt so world can sue usa for congress enabeling fraud mortgage backed securities no wmd iraq war killing destroying countless lives right maga shannonbream