top words associated with : treasury


stimulus check, family took, tax return, oil gas, energy secretary, never let, secretary energy, gas industry, instructed secretary, industry instructed, great oil


top words associated with #FDIC


small business, sec mnuchin, said thing, fact check, watch sruhle, sruhle fact, insured bank, business loan, checks sec, coronavirus relief, mnuchin small


top words associated with #federalreserve


jobs limit, central bank, st louis, says american, louis head, head say, americans tested, preserve jobs, require preserve, billion large, large companies


top words associated with #government


people, need, one, work, us, say, time, testing testing, united state, even, think


top words associated with #SEC


acting navy, watching video, hours min, people wanting, video smiling, forgot rest, rest hours, lndra people, wanting baby, baby watching, smiling forgot


top words associated with #healthcare


front line, thank worker, frontline worker, first responder, new york, around world, suppo worker, essential worker, workers around, covid pandemic, every day


top words associated with #regulator


ultimate lives, constitution doesnt, doesnt allow, become ultimate, federal govt, allow federal, govt become, wave doctor, lives wave, randpaul constitution, doctors randpaul


top words associated with : “crime”


tax money, life never, never understand, understand legal, money earn, legal government, government tax, earn tax, realcandaceo life, great state, voter fraud


top words associated with #investment


self made, josh atf, bezos started, atf self, made billionairesll, billionairesll gates, gates mother, mother board, board ibm, ibm hire, hire sons


top words associated with #tax


years ago, got job, ago today, 7th grade, job turbo, brother got, turbo 7th, paydaybryse years, today brother, government money, federal government

#economy, #tax