top words associated with #investment


self made, josh atf, bezos started, atf self, made billionairesll, billionairesll gates, gates mother, mother board, board ibm, ibm hire, hire sons


top words associated with #tax


years ago, got job, ago today, 7th grade, job turbo, brother got, turbo 7th, paydaybryse years, today brother, government money, federal government

#economy, #tax

top words associated with #refund


cancelled flight, want, room board, money back, college student, say, flight cancelled, customer service, need, credit shell, forced go


top words associated with #oil


saudi arabia, snake salesman, crude price, gas industry, painting growth, silasonoja painting, exxon mobil, use, members congress, goes lower, lower exxon

#economy, #oil

top words associated with #recession


lost job, great depression, im third, jurijuri motherfuckers, motherfuckers im, last week, coronavirus pandemic, federal policymakers, thinking pandemic, barackobama often, often senwarren

#economy, #recession

top words associated with #economy


president trump, donald trump, president realdonaldtrump, back work, built greatest, task force, stock market, dr fauci, small businesse, united state, social distancing


top words associated with #insurance


health care, without health, million american, go back, hydroxychloroquine azithroymycin, cheap medicines, azithroymycin cheap, medicines patent, patent thout, michaelcoudrey hydroxychloroquine, ive lost

#economy, #insurance

top words associated with #cryptocurrency


news noticia, blockchain crypto, bitcoin btc, month engaged, bitcoin crypto, easy rules, new article, retweet follow, tag friend, fintech zoom, published fintech

#cryptocurrency, #economy



coronavirus, coronavirus pandemic, new, pandemic, write, opinion, say, one, said, people, state




coronavirus, say, stock, new, million, one, covid, may, stimulus check, said, trump