top words associated with : “crime”


tax money, life never, never understand, understand legal, money earn, legal government, government tax, earn tax, realcandaceo life, great state, voter fraud


top words associated with : “border”


nancy pelosi, twitter account, pack chinatown, everyone pack, pelosi deleted, deleted twitter, crazy nancy, wanted everyone, account wanted, chinatown long, long clos


top words associated with : “mafia”


bone thug, leader taehyung, taehyung cultural, cultural reset, heartaekoo leader, medical supplies, palo alto, partly false, alto trying, trying censor, nancy antoinette


top words associated with #ms13


open border, cartel matters, tens thousands, russia open, borders russia, russia ship, ship tens, thousands refugees, refugees illegals, illegals russia, russia triple


top words associated with #pregnancy


worse worse, body seems, seems worse, everyday body, incandescent everyday, worse incandescent, pregnant women, time life, bougiest time, markiaag bougiest, school shooting


top words associated with #parenthood


planned clinic, essential planned, churches essential, believe churches, charliekirk11 believe, world health, health organization, funding planned, stop funding, planned world, let stop


top words associated with #medical


world health, health day, gratitude professionals, theyre still, debt gratitude, professionals theyre, still giving, owe profound, profound debt, day owe, barackobama world


top words associated with #abortion


woman want, laws body, keep laws, funny keep, body till, till woman, wants lol, pedazodeoro funny, dangerous enough, planned parenthood, dont think


top words associated with #investigate


asked’ ukraine, political’ rival, obama’ asked,, rival’ campaign, campaign’ manager, daily’ reminder, reminder’ brack, charliekirk11′ daily, obama’ administration….


top words associated with #muslim


shooting’ unfolded, mosque’ shooting, 100′ students, unfolded’ school, girl’ lead, safety’ mosque, 17′ girl, students’ safety, ….